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Western snow plows

Since 1950 Western has been the industry leader in snow removal equipment products. For over 10 years Clear Image Equipment has offered a complete line of Western plows, spreaders, and factory original parts. We have a friendly and knowledgable sales staff to help you choose best plow for your truck. Our mechanics have over 25 years experience installing and servicing Western plows.

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Western snow plows

Western plows and spreaders


Western HTS Snow Plow
Designed for half ton trucks and Jeep Wrangler Six vertical ribs and the exclusive WESTERN POWER BAR provide unmatched structural reinforcement, delivering superior torsional strength to the core of the plow blade, where it’s needed most. The simplified UltraMount mounting system with one-side hookup is fast and easy. The HTS snowplow is fully compatible with existing UltraMount vehicle mounts. Hydraulic scrape lock for enhanced scraping and clean back-dragging.


Western Mid Weight snow plow
Built for Light Commercial Use When winter’s coming on strong, you need a plow that’s going to give you some real pushback. The WESTERN® MIDWEIGHT™ snow plow is lean, nimble and provides plenty of muscle. Big performance for light commercial use. The sturdy 7½’ moldboard is 27” tall and comes in 14-gauge powder coated steel or 1/4” high-density polyethylene. Both come with ⅜” x 6” high carbon steel cutting edge for extra long wear.

Pro Series 2

Western pro 2 snow plow New Jersey
Stake Your Reputation on It. When it comes to your business, taking care of the customers is what it’s all about. Designed for the pros, the WESTERN® PRO-PLOW® has been one of the best-selling straight-blade models for snow plow contractors since its introduction. When they’re counting on you, you can count on the PRO-PLOW. Four heavy-duty coil springs help protect your plow and truck when striking an obstacle. The shock absorber helps soften the trip blade return, to extend the life of your truck and plow

Pro Plus

Western Pro Plus snow plow
For Heavy-Duty Commercial and Light Municipal Applications Going half way has never been your style. With the WESTERN® PRO PLUS®, there’s no holding back. It’s rugged, tough and built to take even the most punishing applications. The PRO PLUS – go all the way. Eight vertical ribs, the heavy-duty tubular quadrant, and the exclusive WESTERN POWER BAR provide exceptional torsional strength and rigidity, even under the most brutal conditions. The industry-first, optimum-strength POWER BAR for exceptional torsional strength and rigidity.

MVP Plus

Western MVP Plus snow plow
Available in powder coated steel, the MVP PLUS is available in 7½’, 8½’ and 9½’ widths. The slick surface of the maintenance-free poly blade provides superior snow-rolling action for snow plowing efficiency. The high carbon steel cutting edge is standard for extra long wear. Each wing features a trip edge – essential for protecting your plow and truck from jarring damage when striking a hidden obstacle, especially in vee or scoop mode. The trip edge allows the blade to trip in ANY configuration. Only the lower edge trips back, so you can keep on plowing without losing your load of snow. And the heavy-duty coil compression springs assure durable and reliable performance.

MVP 3 V-Plow

Western MVP 3 V-Plow
New Generation in V-Plow Performance Now available in stainless, powder coat and poly, the MVP 3™ takes v-plow performance off the charts! With tall, flared wings, standard double-acting cylinders, and trip-edge protection in all blade configurations, the MVP 3 delivers the performance and durability that will have you flying through your jobs in no time. MVP 3™ V-plow blades soar from a 31” center height up to 39” at the outer edge on the 9’ 6” models. So whether you’re busting through the big drifts, carrying and stacking, or windrowing wide areas, these wings give you all the carrying capacity and snow rolling performance you need to get the job done fast.


Western Prodigy snow plow
Multi-Position Winged Plow Productivity. Easy to Operate as a Straight-Blade The all-new PRODIGY™ snow plow features an ingenious patented mechanical wing design that automatically positions its wings to deliver maximum plowing efficiency.  Whether in straight-ahead scoop mode or angled for windrowing, it delivers multi-position winged plow productivity in a plow that’s as easy to operate as a straight blade. It’s available for trucks or skid-steer loaders. When you change the plowing angle, the PRODIGY™ wings automatically to transform the most efficient plowing configuration. When positioned for straight-ahead plowing, both wings default to an 8’ 7” wide scoop position for maximum snow carrying capacity and stacking.


Western wideout snow plows
Get an 8’ blade, a 10’ blade, an 8’10” scoop/pusher blade or a windrowing machine all at the touch of a button. The WESTERN® WIDE-OUT™ adjustable-wing snow plow hydraulically transforms to move more snow, no matter what the condition. Up to 30% more. It’s the ultimate in CONTRACTOR GRADE® performance. The 12-gauge steel moldboard is 29” high, and with independently controlled wings, the WIDE-OUT™ extends from 8’ to 10’ wide. With both wings angled forward, you get the carrying capacity of an 8’ 10” scoop. Six vertical ribs and a dual power bar design provide exceptional torsional strength. The wings slide laterally across a structurally reinforced slide box, which further enhances blade strength, so there’s no blade twisting or bending, even under the heaviest loads.


Western Tornado spreader
For CONTRACTOR GRADE® ice control performance, the Tornado Spreader is unstoppable. Its rugged one-piece poly construction is built to last, and the innovative design features are made for performance, so your ice control jobs get done faster, every time. Available in three sizes, there’s a Tornado Sand and Salt Spreader just right for your snow and ice control contracting business. The Tornado Sand and Salt Spreader is available in 7- and 8-foot lengths, with 1.5-, 1.8- and 2.5-cubic yard capacities.
  • Independent motors give you complete control of how much material is delivered and spread pattern
  • One motor controls the conveyor for rate of material delivery
  • The other controls spinner speed and spread pattern
  • Electric motors mean reliable startup, quiet operation and low maintenance

Model 500

Western 500 salter, spreader
Low Profile Spreader designed for smaller de-icing projects. Spreads rock salt  or calcium chloride.
  • The Low Profile Spreader Model 500 is designed for pickups or SUVs with a Class III trailer hitch
  • Class III receiver hitch mount is standard – no tools required to install or remove spreader
  • 5 cu. ft. capacity poly hopper for long corrosion-free life
  • 1/3 HP, 12V DC sealed motor and direct drive auger
  • Durable 10” poly spinner for long life performance
  • Standard ratchet straps
  • Optional top screen and adjustable deflector

Model 1000

Western 1000 salter, spreader
Low profile spreader for rock salt  or calcium chloride.
  • The Low Profile Spreader Model 1000 is designed for pickup trucks with a Class III or Class IV trailer hitch
  • 8 cu. ft. capacity poly hopper for long corrosion-free life
  • 1/3 HP, 12V DC motor mounted inside a sealed housing in the hopper for corrosion protection
  • Powder-coated steel auger and agitator
  • Durable 10” poly spinner for long life performance
  • Optional top screen and adjustable deflector
  • Molded polyethylene cover
Choose between three tailgate spreader mounting styles:
  •    “Fixed Bumper” mounting system
  •    Dual “Swing-Away” design
  •    Class IV Receiver hitch mount

Model 2500

Western 2500 salter
Low profile spreader for rock salt  or calcium chloride.
The Low Profile Spreader Model 2500 is designed for pickups with a Class IV trailer hitch
  • Class IV Receiver hitch mount is standard equipment
  •    8.5 cu. ft. capacity high-density polyethylene hopper for long corrosion-free life
  •    1/3 HP, 12V hi-torque motor mounted inside a sealed housing in the hopper for corrosion protection
  •     Adjustable feed gate with positive material flow shut-off
  •     Adjustable material deflectors
  •     Powder-coated steel auger and material agitator
  •     Large 15” polyurethane spinner for long life performance
  •    Molded polyethylene cover

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